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August 25, 2009

4 Stupidity Cases

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arghh…this post it is more like the one I made about stories of my mates….but now I am not gonna focus on my friends but this time, I am gonna talk about myself……
If you dont like it…well…just FUCK yourself…The author would love to share his stupid moments about him + others.

case #1…who can forget the lovely Andre ???I bet no one who witness this horror would not ever forget about the stupidity and chaos we’ve made in Sunway Piramid in Selangor, Malaysia. Yes!!! but the main topic is Andre. Aight….We (me, Dimaz, Shinchan, Radit, Andre, LIza and the rest) were going to see a movie. We stopped by at starbucks and chowed in some cakes and coffee. then me, Dimaz and Andre had a nature call to go to toilet (it means we have to go piss)!! I rushed myself to the toilet and headed to the standing peeing. Then DImaz came and went to the cubicle pee and then Andre opened the door number 2…and he got the jackpot!!! There was this one HUGEEEEE shit…hoeeekk.,.,it was black and big…oh god…and Andre puked at that exact moment…and we were laughing to our pants off…then we took a picture of that shit and we showed to Andre again..then Andre puked again…we laughed again…hahahaha…aw god…you guys have to see the expression of Andre…oh god…poor andre…then he puked again for the 3rd time…hahahah…you hit the jackpot ndre!!!!

case #2..A stupid call by stupid people.
it was Dimaz and My farewell party in Bandung…on the way to Bandung, it was very jammed…yeah…i know it was jammed coz heaps of cars and we went very slow…then…my mobile rang…and it was Dimaz..and he said
“’s jammed”
I said “yeah..i know”
Dimaz said “oh..”
I said “ho-oh”
Dimaz said “aight then..i’ll call later on”
I said “Bye..”

the hell was Dimaz thinking?he wasted his mobile credit!!!then…i told Piza about this…then Piza called Dimaz

Piza: “it’s true..”
Dimaz: “what?..”
Piza : “the traffic Jam”
Dimaz: “I know”
Piza: “me too”
Dimaz: “oh..”
Piza: “call ya later”
Dimaz: “ok..”

Piza ended the conversation…and we continued our journey.

Case #3..
This includes me, Dimaz, Manggala, Deri, and Musallam…we were on our way just hanging out in PS…yeah…all boys!!!we stopped at this Adidas store near the Sogo or Metro…I forgot which one which…then we were looking at the stuffs…and I had my sight to a lady manequin…..The manequin wore no clothes or pants…Yes…I did do some unappropriate touching of the manequin…only little breast would not hurt a thing!! but little did I Know all the Adidas staffs were staring at me and some of them were laughing…and we rushed out with shame…huakakaka

Case#4…you think you are good at soccer???wait till you hear this stories..
Back to Ragol fc..yes yes yes…you might get bored of it already but this is true story though…
The match between Ragol fc and Stopper Fc…yes…stopper FC was unstopable…they were like Kooyong B in Australia…anyhow…there are 2 parts..part 1..I was playing as a Central Back with Piza on the Right Back…Piza is very good at soccer…he is quick and has great techniques…excellent players and he made Luis Figo as his idol…anywho…Piza was guarding Alvi who is my senior…then Alvi past through Piza but Alvi kicked the ball bit too far…then I intercept the ball while saying “thank you”…till now…me and Piza still argue that I said thanks to my senior but I never say that…
Part 2…The incredible Dimaz Luqman…Ragol was up against our senior team…Dimaz was standing tall with the ball on his feet…then this one senior slide tackled Dimaz and trying to get the ball…and all Dimaz did was just roll the ball back a bit and Dimaz was laughing to his dumb senior who couldnot get the ball at all…till now…me and Dimaz still argue, I said that he was laughing but he still denies it!!!

yeah yeah yeah…stupid stories…so silly…huakaka..


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