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August 25, 2009

Fun Facts About Football

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The fun fact about soccer:
1. Everyone can play it.
No matter how old you are  or how fat you are. You just have to run a little and just kick the ball (but sometimes you have to head the ball)
2. It is cheap.
You dont have to pay for it. You just have to find a big space of land to play it together with your mates.
3. Bring mates together.
You can always talk about the game. Or maybe some silly stuffs or actions that you or your mates did while playing. This is  a fun activity.
4. It is flexible.
You have no soccer post?or no soccer shoes?..Worries no more. You can change the post by putting two bags and if you dont have any soccer shoes, just use your daily shoes. If you still dont have your usual daily shoes. If you still dont have your daily shoes, you can always play it with your bare-foot. If you still dont have bare-foot, well…I am not GOD.
5. It is healthy.
Yeah..I think you get this point.
6. There are always video game.
If you are too lazy to play it by yourself. brings you comfort. Just hit several buttons in your controller then you can outrun your opponent, make goals, do some serious tackle without injuring the real life player.
7. Histories are made.
Who doesnt know when MU won 2-1 against Bayern Munich at the final of champions league? Nuff said.
8. You just need 1 ball.
The fact is that the point of soccer game is to bring 22 people together, to pass and receive only 1 ball and the maein idea to make that 1 ball inside the post. Sound stupid enough? If Yes, well…you’ve never played it before.

I am outta ideas. Give your comments and stuffs or you can give some topics that you’d like me to discuss. Feel free…


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