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August 25, 2009

If It Is Meant To Be

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some people says that these stuffs have been arranged by God



some people says that these shits have their own reason..

well…a friend of mine, Kriz once put his nickname on his MSN as

“everything has NO reason such as my ankle”

yes…he just twisted his ankle whilst playing soccer last couple of days…

i am not being a sarcastic atheist saying that God has no influences in life..

nah…i would never say that..

but what i would like to point is that everything can change in a split second if we could just try harder…

i am not saying that i am perfect and i have a good life…

i bet everybody has their own little secret…

their own lies..

own tricks…

come on…just face it…we are just a small human beings in this whole universe..

we are nothing without our parents

we are nothing without our friends

we are nothing without our lover…

hard work would get us anywhere that we thought we can only dream of…

a wise man once said to me that a knowledge without religion it is like a sword without its can not control it…and you would most likely to use your knowledge to create bad and destructive creations…

but a religion without knowledge it is like a sword that has no sharpo edge and only the handle…you can do nothing…you can only get nowhere…you can not realize your dreams…

anything in this world has their own fair balance…

ying and yang?

good and bad?

heaven and hell?

right and left?

up and down?

this world is balance.

i dont believe when people gossips around and says bad things about other person

what i believe, eventhough that person might have a bad reputation of something but i believe that there some good sides about that person.

there is no way a person is a 100% full sick person with an attitude of satan.

even Darth Vader was a good bloke wasnt he?until he turned to the bad side…


what goes around must come around

it is up to you to believe that…

what i believe is that what you do is what you get…

take example like a flower seed.

if you dont take care of it and neglect it all the times i bet the flower would grow like shit

but if you take care of it, it would be the freshest flower you would ever seen.

i sometimes confuse about all those people who thinks that money would buy happiness…

i also sometimes confuse about those people who show off their bling blings but its from their parent’s money…

come on lads…

lemme tell ya something…i never felt so happy when i can go shopping or buy something for my mom with my own money from my work…that is one of my happiest moment ever…you can ask your mates that has work and ask them how happy they are when it is pay day…

woahh…i sure do put alot of my thoughts in here…

well…i better get what to what i am suppose to do..(errr playing winning eleven)

hope i can hear some of your comments and thoughts as well…

write some comments will ya…

thanks for reading it…cya


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