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August 25, 2009

Old Tunes

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I have been tracing back the journey in my life…
this is my blog…
this is me…

think of it now..
about your age…
about what you achieve now…
about the path that you are walking on now…

Am I on the right track?
Is this me?
Is this really what I want?
Can I do anything else?
Can I do anything better??

I have been reading a book called “Doa orang-orang sukses” by Prof. Dr. Deddy Mulyana, M.A.
A Piece of it…Page 32.

“While Umar Bin Khattab was travelling to Syam, heard news that there were some disease spreading. After hearing the news, Umar bin Khattab cancelled the travel and headed back to Madinah. Seeing this judgement, Abu Ubaidah asked ‘Are you running from God’s fate?’. Umar replied ‘Yes, I am running from God’s fate to achieve the other fate’”

the conclusion is that we have to believe that God had organized our fate but we have to always believe that we can do better. we can always change the future if we really try.

“… God would not change the conditions of a community if they do not want to change within themselves. And if God want badness happens in the community, no one can reject it at all. There is no one would protect the except God” (Q.S. Ar-Ra’du 13: 11)

so…it is say that if you want to make changes in your life, you have to check with yourself..
Do not blame others for your own mistakes…

Mom always use an analogy of planting a plant…
first from the seed..
if you always check your plant, give them water, give them enough sun..
soon you will give a nice, sweet juice fruit from the plant from your hard work…
if you neglect the plant. never check it out…
soon you will get nothing and even the plants would die…and you are left with nothing…

just remember for always to work hard…
and never give up…
and always pray to God…

you will achieve what you thought you can never be or achieve…


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