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August 25, 2009


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i’ve been wondering too much lately..

including about these superheroes which you can see in comic books, or in the cinema such as superman, spiderman, etc..

as we can see that these superheroes has something which is makes them super in a way which is their ability to have extraordinary skills that no normal human can do..

example give, spiderman..he has the ability of having the spider ability such as the web and his ability to sling from one building to another..

but what else do these typical superheroes has in common..

they all have their human id…

like superman aka Clark Kent

like Spiderman aka Peter Parker

Clark Kent works in some lousy offices and been describe as weak guy that really just into himself..

Peter Parker is almost a like with Clark Kent. Peter Parker is viewed as a weak person that works in the crummy newspaper’s company..

why these superheroes hide their identity as normal humans?it is clearly its for their own protection towards their own true identity..but why as weak person??

i really think that these superheroes are thinking that humans are that weak, therefore they need to disguise themselves in the weak human community..

honestly, i’ve never heard any superheroes that has cool identities…

like Clark Kent..he has to save up Lois Lane from his villain while trying to hide his identity..and so does Peter Parker…i just think that these kinds of superheroes are damn liar and too afraid and commitment

i think that they want to protect their love ones but yet actually they are protecting themselves. they thought it can be better if they hide the truth..but yet the truth is something that you can hide it..sooner or later, your love ones will find out…

this is just too annoying…why not like those fantastic four??too have their own lives and yet they are saving the world…so they are not hurting anyone that they love..toche’ my friend

so basically, never lie to your spouses in any circumstances..or yet prepare to get your consequences and the oblivion of your relationship


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