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August 25, 2009

Top Tips Of Going To A Concert

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well mate…never been to concert?well I dont give a fuck !!!
There are heaps of stuffs to prepare before going to a concert…
and there are heaps of people that you can see in a single concert…

1st stuff.
check your ticket.
-where is it at? so prepare your transportation
-is it +18? there must serve alcohol drinks and dont forget your ID
-what time? dont be late
-what is the genre? dont mess up your clothes

The people you might find a concert!
1. the annoying people with their dirty hands and try to make their way in front of the stage…
yes. they would pull you down, push you around. whatever things that they could possible do to make their way on the front row (i hate these bastards)

2. the friendly guy who always offer a beer…
yes…bit tipsy but still hanging there…these guys can be fun or irritating..depends on your mood though (most of them are cool)

3. the pick up girl…
haha…i dunno about this…but my sis always say that girls come on to me everytime we go to a concert and saying nonsense…PS.not only girls..but there were some blokes too (eww…and they annoys me)

4.its the special guests band!!!!
no one knows them…for fuck’s sake…they will try to entertain your boredom by singing songs that you dont know..they will try to thank for the main band all the time and try to encourage the audience to buy their merchandise (they sux…no all of them)

5. its the preparation guys…
yes…those people who checks the sound, the guitar, keyboard, cello, bass, drum…check the cable, check the strings, check the lights…they would try to stall the time as long as they could (they are 10/10 from the annoying people)

6. its the guy that pulls you up to mosh or they throw you up on the audience…
drunk or have the rockstar soul…you guess it by yourself.

7. its the ladies with mobile camera…
technology!!!sux heh…coz all the ladies are most shorter than me, therefore they would have to raise their hand and mobile near my ear and sometime they accidentally smash my head with it.

8.its the bouncer boy…
they are big, fat and he can kick your ass…all he does is just standing around and check the ticket and look very suspicious to everybody
9.its the couple that should get a room…

they would stare at each other, they would holding hands, they would hug each other and they would kiss like there would never tomorrow while they are watching Marilyn Manson…MAN…GET A ROOM

and whats the deal with the pretend leaving after playing several songs?the audiences know that they would come back again and sing their best songs for the last…ah come on…or they just want to make the audiences to yell as hard as they can and tomorrow the audience would lose their voice…

the main point…next time you go to a concert…JUST PREPARED…


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