all the things that matter in this life

Iqbal Mohammed Achjar

The son from Achjar Iljas and Wartini Achjar. Currently, studying in Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. I have several hobbies that I am keen on such as coffee, bartending, soccer, music, and road tripping. I am a enthusiastic coffee taster who understand such quality of coffee. I understand all the aspect of cafe industry and I respect people who work hard in the hospitality sector. Soccer is a religion for me. It is a passion. I play soccer every saturday at Brunswick and I play for a team called Buffaloes which we were the champion of the Indonesian Student Soccer League 2006 and the runner up in the 2007 League in Melbourne. I am eager to learn how to dance properly but bit shy at times. I am a qualified bartender. I did my classes and now I am a certified bartender and I am able to work anywhere. I have 3 other siblings, which are 3 older sisters. The Eldest has married to a Jogjakarta gentleman and has a cute daughter named Syifara Norelle Solehuddin (Yes! I am an uncle). The second sister is working in Melbourne in IT sector and my third sister still in her University and working part time in Fossil watch in Melbourne Central. I love summer and hate winter. I prefer to get tan on the beach rather than go sweat myself on mountains. I am a simple minded person. I dont like to make things complicated but if you bug me around the I will be your enemy straight away. I am in relationship with the most astounding girl and her name is Tissa Kemala and I am hoping the best with her



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