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August 25, 2009

You Beauty

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Seriously, What is beauty anyway?

“Beauty is commonly defined as a characteristic present in a place, person, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction to the mind or to the eyes, arising from the manifestations such as shape, color, personality, sound, design or rhythm” (Wikipedia, 2007)

Does beauty is a characteristic? Then beauty would have different meaning towards different people.

It really depends on how you see it!

As Carl Denham see King Kong fell from the tall building but yet still saving Ann Darrow. As Carl Denham said in the end of the movie “Nope, it is the beauty that kills him.”

How much effort do you put to save your true beauty?

Like I said, different people would have different ideas towards beauty.

A soccer fan would have set their eyes on the beautiful game of soccer everytime World Cup is on TV but yet a cricket fanatic would care less and vice versa.

What is beauty?

I think that most people sometimes bit ignorant towards what is beautiful in this life.

I believe they are 4 things that are beautiful in this life.
1. God and the religion. I know I sound like some sorta evangelist but it is true that religion gives you direction in your path of life. As Matisyahu, the famous Rabbi singer once put in the lyric “Hashem rays fire blaze burn bright and I believe. Out of darkness come light, twilight unto the heights. Crown heights burning up all through till midnight. Said thank you to my God, now I finally got it right”
2. Family. Yes, who could have ever survived without them. Especially Mom. I love you Mom.
3. Mates. These are the people who I go to whenever I am down and they always lift my spirits up.
4. Soccer. The game of the world. I thank God in creating this game.

These are the things that I have been blessed with. I do really think that there many other beauties than these.

Have you been grateful with all the beauty that you have in this world?
Even as simple as H20. Yes! Water.

Have you ever said thank you when you drink a glass of water?
Dont you know that almost 90% of the human body is water?
Have you ever taken a long bath and using heaps of water and then you know that there are some people that are struggling to drink clean water?

I do believe in Karma. When you are grateful of something, then those good things would come back to you and even in greater amount.

So be grateful, and enjoy the beauty of this world even the smallest thing.


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