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August 25, 2009

Story About A Mate

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The adventure began when I went to see a doctor, complaining about the sore throat that has been bothering me. I got a MC for like 2 days so I can go friday pray on friday (duhhh!!)

Therefore, I set my journey to Krizma’s house on Manatunga rd. Krizma is a type of bloke you can count on (not really actually). He sometimes whine about some silly and stupid things but once he is on the mood, he could be more powerful and stronger than Hulk or Archilles together. He is also a mad left winger, great with crosses, great agility and a bloody lefty. He is also a party animal with his unique dance style like a worm (I dont what to call it mate)

Then came Krizma bro…Deka!!!! Deka has this young look on his face. Yes indeed, Krizma looks older than Deka. Deka is quieter than Krizma but Deka never wants to lose in a soccer debate. He is an AC Milan hardcore fan and Cafu as his mentor. He has style. Man, I just like the way you dress mate.

Then the three little mices (me, Krizma and Deka) went to Beddoe to pray. Finished praying, met some crazy people such as Adil. Man, I miss going out with you like the old day where we used to go out like bunch of stupid people with Arya and the others. I also met the brothers Rizal and Aldi who love to tease me alot. Damn you guys!! But they are bloody cool brothers. Aldi jokes are tremenduously fucking funny and Rijal always add and spice everythings up. Nice combination!!

Abang Harry came out from nowhere. He is the type of older brother because of his age (yes!! you are old). He is very outgoing person but when he is on serious mode, he become a wise and full experience bloke. He is very nice to consult about everything. He is such a great listener and excellent adviser.

We (Me, Krizma, Deka and Abang Harry) went to the city and had dinner in chilly padi. I ordered this nasi lemak or something like that. The services were sux, they forgot about my food. The food came like about an hour later. I was quite pissed off. I almost cancelled my order but I was fucking hungry, so I left out my dignity for a scrappy food.

Out of nowhere, two little midgets came to our table. Believe it or not, it was Okta and Ningrum. These two girls are like my friends since I was in Indonesia. I know them outside and inside and I always can count on them.

We decided to go for a karaoke. Yes! I know that I have ridiculously ugly voice but if you dont like if, well…I dont give a FUCK damn. We also met Astrid and Anto. Astrid has a great vocal skill, a great singer and entertainer. She is bloody funny. She loves her everyfriend. A true loyal friend. I know I can always count on you strid and that is a plus. Anto,,Anto,,Anto…Very funny bloke with a cool Celica car. He is so fun to be with and thats all I can say for now.

On the way to some karaoke bar we bumped on Deska and Qonita. This two ladies are awesome. Both Qonita and Deska just had their hair done and they dyed their hair. Deska looks fantastic with it. Well, Qonee…SORRY I forgot about your birthday girl. I am gonna have my birthday party later on (yeah like 2 more months) and you are invited. Been ages havent seen you girls. Hope that you girls always together and oh yes..with Suci too.

We came to this karaoke bar called CC Karaoke but they ask for $30/ person to enter. BLOODY NO WAY MATE. Our adventure still continue to this pool place in Chinatown. The foosball table attracted me to play. We made two groups which are the winning group (me and Okta) and the losing team (Abang Harry and Ningrum). In conclusion, We rules and you SUX.

It was getting late and the next day I have a soccer training. So I hop in Abang Harry’s lancer car with Deka too. We had a quick stop to Hungry Jack’s and then Abang Harry dropped me by.


Guruh picked me up in Malvern station. Guruh aka Gurih aka Gur Gur is like the best soccer mate ever. He is very damn good at it. He reads the game well and what I like the best about Guruh is his inner beauty. He is sooo damn rich but he is sooo keep it low. A truly ladies man, very polite and I just couldnot think about the times you pisses me off. Went soccer training with Buffaloes. Hell yeah..I just love playing soccer. Met the teaser brothers again and lots of other team mates.

The night came and I was ready for Shasha’s BBQ party. Shasha is very dependable. She could be as crazy as hell. She has lotsa things to say. What I love about her that she is so just herself. I like her so damn much. She is like a family to me.

In the party there was this Russian girl called Lara. Well, just met her at the party. So I am gonna shut my mouth up coz I dont really know her.

Then came the muscle boy Ali and Oscar. Ali is a funny Malaysian. He has this unique joke thingy that only him can do and he has the abs mate (all the girl readers..He is single..Quick, before some girl gets him). Oscar.. I dont know whats up with him but everytime I am with him, the only thing we do is talk stupid. Can we do other things, scar?

Then save the best for the last are the fantastic duo, Endy and Nahin. These two people are very cool. Endy has fishing as a hobby. He told me that he once caught 11 kilo fish. He is the drummer of Iqbal’s Garage. Yes, they usually play in my garage. He has this unique smile where he shows his every single teeth. He is the jester of the party.

Finally, bloody Bangladesh Nahin aka si cabut bulu aka orang goblok. Hahaha. This bloke is fluent in Indo’s swear words. Bandel ya kamu Nahin, Gw cabut bulu loe ya.

I am sooo hungry right now mate. These people would always be on my friend list and I always wish you all the best.


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